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One of my friends and father figures in my life and solid supporter of Encompassed by Dreams Paul Manwaring of Global Legacy in Redding, CA has just launched his own website http:/// and in his friends section I have been listed with a link to our website here at Encompassed by Dreams!  Also Paul is releasing his 2nd book called “Kisses from a Good God” very shortly and in the book you will find a story of a young man who came across his path and interpreted a significant dream for him that impacted his life.  Well I was the young man Paul refers to in his book.  It was from this one dream interpretation that we first met each other and became connected as friends.

Other great news is that very soon I will be receiving my personal business cards for Encompassed by Dreams that I have had specially custom made!   Be sure to stay up to date with the monthly articles that are posted in the Dream Compass!