Dream Interpretation Consulting


Dream Interpretation Consulting



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30 Minutes, 1 Hour


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    “It was a very unique experience sitting down with you and your team
    at the Holistic Fair! I am enamoured by your ability to introspect FOR
    OTHERS on basically a subconscious level! I find it very interesting
    living in the time we do, because people are developing these skill
    sets (much like yours, but often different too), and I really enjoy
    just being involved, watching the processes and letting the
    information wash over me. I enjoyed your analogies, interestingly
    enough it was thoughts I’d never had before but it still sounded
    somewhat familiar!

    The fact that you hit a couple of points pretty accurately for myself
    and Taylor was also interesting. The way your advising provides a
    different kind of introspection for the individual, and to approach it
    from a ‘dream’ standpoint allows you to tap into a different space.”

    – Brett Waldherr

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    Thanks Caleb for a great spiritual session! His visions and intuitive guidance were exactly what I needed to hear that day, and were spot on. He was very professional, uplifting, and friendly. Thanks again!

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