EBD Seminars

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EBD Seminars Description:  In requesting Encompassed by Dreams to come and put on a seminar for your business, organization, ministry, festival, party and/or groups of people you will receive the following enlightening elements that will navigate & guide you in your life:

Insight about the ancient history and framework of the world of dreaming.
Perspective on what your visionary experiences and spiritual encounters are saying to you.
Reality that we are surrounded by and directed by our dreams in our everyday lives.
Discovery…by grasping your own personal code as communicated through the type of mysteries you receive in the night season!
Limitless Potential to face life’s challenges by anchoring and stewarding your connection with the unseen realm.

If you are interesting in hosting an Encompassed by Dreams Seminar for your business, organization, party, gathering, festival, ministry etc send me an email at this address to request a booking:


Encompassed by Dreams Seminars TRAILER:  (COMING SOON!)