Dream Consulting

Dream Consulting, Book an Dream Appointment with Caleb, Dream Interpretation

If you want to book a personal appointment with Caleb to have one of your dreams interpreted, please email cmatthews@encompassedbydreams.com.  Dreams can be interpreted either through email and/or over a phone call appointment.  There is no fixed amount but my time is very valuable and I take these dream interpretation sessions very seriously and treat them like gold.

Being a dream interpreter is something I hold in high honour when it comes to deciphering people’s spiritual experiences and is not a cheap gimmick.   An encouraged amount is $25 or whatever you feel led to give.  Donations are greatly appreciated as they help cover administrative costs and expenses of reaching different nations, countries around the world with the mandate to enlighten the eyes of people to understand that we are truly Encompassed by Dreams – surrounded by, guided and directed by our dreams!