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Below are some places my spiritual compass has guided me more recently while I have been sojourning here on earth, where I have released some good vibes on people’s spiritual horizons!

Beginning of Summer Adventures! Tahiti, French Polynesia

June 2013 

Tahiti Ocean Perspective

Summer is officially here and what a way to start it off by going to paradise in Tahiti!  During the 10 days I was there my activities included teaching Zumba Fitness as a guest instructor in several classes and a Zumbathon event, surfing, salsa dancing, hiking, swimming, speaking at several churches and small groups and teaching a 2 hour dream seminar to the wonderful New Age community there!   Individual lives were transformed, many were encouraged and new places were explored!  I have been to many countries in my life but this one was probably my favourite holiday/speaking engagement trip I have ever been on.  Rarely have I felt as much love, family and companionship with the people of the land as I did on this adventure.


As well as being personally refreshed my senses were treated to a feast with the stunning scenery and beauty that is Tahiti!  On my trip I explored Papeete, Moorea, and Raiatea three of French Polynesia’s islands.  I enjoyed delicious food, wonderful people and amazing experiences some of which I will never forget including swimming with sting rays and fish in Moorea, climbing mountains, swimming in waterfall pools in and surfing some of the finest waves in Tahiti!

2013-06-19 19.09.35

My trip concluded with a surprise meeting with the New Age community in Tahiti.  Through my gracious hosts they found out a Canadian dream consultant was on their island and they wanted to have me come and speak about dreams and do a seminar teaching and activation time.  What transpired was a mystically wonderful time in the Spirit and an evening of great fellowship and divine Ruah the winds of the Holy Spirit!   I am eager to go back and teach again…it was wonderful!  Until next time Tahiti!   Thank you for all who kept me in your hearts and prayers!  🙂


Fresh Seasoning: The Dawning of Spring!  Canada

Apr 2013-May 2013

There is so much to tell you about what has happened for me in the last 2 months!   In April I received my Zumba 1 Instructor Certification to officially be able to teach Zumba all over the world!   In a dream I had a few years back I asked an ancient looking man who I perceived represented wisdom “where are the angelic escorts?”  in other words where is the heavenly movement?   Where is the mystery and where is the location of the collision course between heaven and earth?

The man replied with a variety of answers but one of the things listed was Zumba!  I knew when I started almost 3 years ago I had to eventually teach it because it made me so happy but also is a great way to spread the love and energy of the Spirit to many people around the world!  So on April 20th, 2013 I officially was certified by Zumba Master Class teacher Amanda Grant as a Zumba Basic 1 Instructor!

Caleb Zumba, Caleb Zumba Instructor, Zumba Certification Caleb

I had some special moments and great personal highlights like doing a personal photo shoot earlier in April with Alexis Feist Photography of business shots and dance pictures.

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Heading into May I have begun to teach my own Zumba classes now at Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre in West Kelowna just across the bridge in my hometown and I am loving it! I will be heading in 2 weeks to Tahiti to teach Zumba with my friend Erika Cicero there as a guest instructor in her classes and at a Zumbathon event!  So excited!   Recently last week an opportunity opened up for me to be able to take part in a major fashion show in Vancouver at the Waterfall Building called “What a Girl Wants a Girl Gets” hosted by Vernard Goud LuvnGrace Affair.  The focus of this event was to do a fashion show fundraiser gala to give assistance to the homeless women of East Vancouver.

Caleb Runway, Caleb Kuna Photography, Caleb Modelling

Stay tuned on my Facebook website for live updates and this page for an event recap of Encompassed by Dreams’ trip to Tahiti to teach Zumba and speaking engagements there!!!

“The Many Moments of Pre-Spring!”  Texas & Georgia, USA & Canada 

Feb 2013-Mar 2013

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Many people around the world are equally hopeful that Spring will come early this season.  Whether or not it will hit Canada when it is supposed to remains to be seen over the next few months.    What I can tell you though is that I experienced a wonderful week of Springtime weather on my latest Encompassed by Dreams voyage this past month during February.  The first place we held our “Thin Places” dream seminar meetings were at the house of some of my good friends a married couple from Kerrville, Texas.   The nature of these gatherings were very unique due to the fact we streamed in live multiple audiences from different locations around Texas & Georgia and even Canada!   On this trip I invited my friend Jimmy Canali of Ecstatic Expression ( to join in on this Texas portion of my trip in partaking in the dream interpretation & heavenly realm fun!   With audiences video streaming in live through SKYPE we had audiences from Athens, Georgia; Alpine, Texas; Dallas, Texas & Kelowna, BC Canada that were able to join us for our meetings that we held in Kerrville!  We discussed the realm of dreams and encounters, activated everybody through various exercises geared towards awakening our different spiritual senses  (yes through SKYPE distance was could not stop us!) and of course interpreted dreams and were able to edify, exhort and build up many wonderful folks through the Divine Nature.

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After the two days of dream meetings were successfully completed in Kerrville I continued on to Dalton, Georgia where I stayed with a wonderful family for a few days and enjoyed some of the sights, sounds and delicious foods of the deep south!   I had not realized before arriving that they were so close to the Tennessee border so actually most of our touring and sight seeing time was spent in Chattanooga, Tennessee enjoying the artistic cultural scenic views and eating yummy food (my favourite of the trip was good ol’ southern fried chicken)!   A particularly cool sight that I saw there is a place called Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Georgia (it is the first picture on this update at the top) where you can see through a telescope 7 different states Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia.  On the last night of my visit there my hosts organized a meeting for me to share about stewarding our dreams, exploring what they are, where they come from and how to get our senses engaged with benefitting from them!  All in all it was a very fulfilling and eye opening trip.

Okanagan Arts Awards 2013, Encompassed by Dreams Kelowna Canada, Lucy Hazelwood, Caleb Matthews, Encompassed by Dreams Kelowna

Fast forward to this past weekend I was greatly privileged to have been able to witness my awesome friend, dance mentor & director Lucy Hazelwood of LUKI Dance Productions ( represent as one of the nominees for the dance category award in the 2013 Okanagan Arts Awards here in Kelowna, BC Canada.  What was really cool about this nomination into the dance category is that Encompassed by Dreams’ nomination of Lucy was the nomination application that was chosen by the Okanagan Arts Council in Kelowna to be one of the nominees.  So I was very happy to have been able to play a part in promoting my wonderful friend!   As well as being one of the nominees for the dance category Lucy also was able to choreograph and direct some of the LUKI company & apprentice dancers to do the opening performance at the Arts Awards!   So all in all it has been an exciting last month!

“Winter Adventures in Kelowna, BC!”  Canada

Sep 2012-Jan 2013

It has been quite a while since my last report on what events I have been up to.  Last time I wrote in my event journal was back in August 2012 when I was speaking in Rwanda, Africa exhorting and motivating the many leaders and multitudes that gathered there for the “East Africa Victory Conference”.  Much has happened and transpired since then.  Starting back in late September 2012 I began training with LUKI Dance Productions under the creative direction and mentoring of the lovely and fantastic Lucy Hazelwood Artistic Director of LUKI Dance Productions!  Three out of seven days a week I work part time as an Apple Specialist with Simply Computing in Kelowna as a salesman while much of my time is spent training with LUKI Dance Productions in different genres of dance: hip-hop, ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, pop-n-lock, breakdancing etc with the majority of my training focused on ballet, breakdancing & hip-hop.   In early October 2012 I auditioned for LUKI Dance Productions and was successful in being invited to join the “LUKI & Friends” branch of the company for further professional training with the potential opportunity to grow upwards in the company to the next level of Apprentice and then ultimately towards the Company member level.  This past year I have pursued and taken my passion to dance and express my artistic side of my spirit to a whole new dimension.  Things that have been burning inside of my heart to do for many years are beginning to surface and spring forth into the natural.   Breakdancing has been something I have longed to do for many years and now finally I have the opportunity to do it.  In October 2012 I danced in my first breakdancing performance, in December a few months later I along with 4 lovely and fantastic ladies did a surprise flashmob dance for a local business at the Habitat (a local nightclub) to the song Gangnam Style and rocked the house!

Recently this month on January 6th, 2013 I had the incredible privilege and honour in being asked to be one of the men’s models for Black & Lee & Moore’s at the 2013 Okanagan Bridal Expo at Propsera Place here in Kelowna, BC through LUKI Dance Productions!  It was a great time and a wonderful experience one that I won’t forget.  Things continue to go well here in Canada for Encompassed by Dreams as last week we hosted our very first event “Thin Places” an evening small gathering with the purpose of exploring the burning question “what is spirituality and what does it mean to you?”.  These meetings will happen at least once possibly twice a month exploring spirituality, interpreting people’s dreams, going into meditation with the Holy Spirit according to the Hebraic gate and practices of the holy scriptures of spirituality!  As these meetings continue to grow in popularity we will have more frequently based on interest. The Spirit of Life continues to quicken my entire being as I journey on here in Canada.   My heart is looking to travel again to take the mystical message of illuminating the eyes of people towards their design and purpose on this earth.  February I will be in the USA in Texas and Georgia speaking at some small gatherings about “Thin Places”.  This summer potentially could be another wild one as currently plans are in the works to visit Western Europe & the Pacific Islands.  May the hand of Yahweh continue to move!   🙂

“East Africa Victory Conference” Byumba, Rwanda

August 2012 

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Back in February 2012 the last time I was in Africa I received an invitation from my good friends there to join them in Rwanda for a large conference that would take place August 1st-5th that would be geared towards reaching multitudes.  I had been to Africa 6 times before and had spoken to various small groups, spiritual training schools and gatherings but nothing with this big of potential.  In June 2008 I was at a “Renewal of the Spirit Conference” in the USA and I received a spiritual prophecy and declaration by one of the headline speakers that I would be a “man of the multitudes” that would speak in “stadiums” and bring “fresh fire to the nations”.  So when I accepted this invitation to speak to multitudes my heart was stirred as I knew it was the beginning of something special.  When we arrived we were told that due to safety hazards the stadium I was originally to speak in during the evenings had to be closed down.  As disappointing as that was it didn’t stop the Spirit from doing what was planned!

During the mornings me and my Dad John taught in leadership equipping seminars and in the evenings I spoke to larger assemblies of people.  This conference I spoke at as the main headline speaker had been going for 7 years prior but had never reached the levels it did this time around.  Never before had their conference had international countries represent before…but we as Canadians came as a fulfillment of prophecies that they received that their conference would reach an international level!  Besides me and my Dad being there from Canada we had Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Rwanda present!   Topics that I covered there for the more intimate meetings of hundreds of people gathered in the earlier meetings included: petitioning in the heavenly courtroom, sitting at our own “tentdoor” and accessing the Spirit through desire, releasing the rivers of Eden from within ourselves and understanding how the Creator speaks in dreams, visions and encounters to each one of us!   Even though the stadium had to be closed down our evening open air meetings were moved to a spacious school field and we had around 1200 the first night and about 2000 the second night!   Multitudes were touched, lives were personally transformed and the freedom of movement was activated in our midst!  It was a fulfilling and fun trip!

Check out the video link below to see how heavenly energy and the vibes of the Spirit of life broke out in our midst through teaching the Africans how to do Zumba dance!

“Summer Solstice” Stonehenge, UK

June 2012

Stonehenge, Summer Solstice, UK trip, Caleb in England,

Going to this festival was definitely on my “bucket list” in my lifetime!  On June 21, 2012 the official first day of summer, only once a year are the public allowed to walk through the stones and touch them from a close distance.  This year I was fortunate and favoured to be one of the many thousands of people who walked through the ancient giant stones of Stonehenge and was able to touch them!  I was very pleasantly surprised to find the British folk from all over the UK were very receptive, friendly, welcoming and generous towards me and my two colleagues (picture above) there at the Stonehenge Summer Solstice!  Our team was able to play peaceful, relaxing melodies with our instrument the zither harp while interpreting multiple dreams for different individuals, blessing people’s spirits with light and positive energy & engaging in interesting conversations on the whole realm of “What is in the spiritual realm?”, “Is there a higher power in control of the universe?” and “What does spirituality mean to you?”.   We had many wonderful encounters with various spiritual pilgrims on their quest to find fulfillment, alignment and peace and were able to exhort, encourage and uplift their countenances.  A bright spirited fellow we met from Cardiff, Wales had a great observation that I will share with you and conclude this Encompassed by Dreams travel blog with!

“Doesn’t each person have a piece of the Creator and aren’t we all the Creator’s children?”  

Check out this interview with Linde at Stonehenge concerning her reaction to a dream I was able to interpret of hers and what she thought of the whole experience!

“Haunted Happenings” New Age Festival Salem, Massachusetts USA 

October 2011 

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I love going to this New Age Festival!  There are so many spiritual seekers that are on their own personal quests to find the true essence of their calling and individual framework in life!  People are so open to receiving good vibes and to be strengthened and uplifted in their spirit!  This was my 3rd time in going as I have been multiple times before.  (I am the one with the black hat on).  We did spiritual readings, dream interpretation, spiritual alignments & healing touch for several people over a course of 3 days during the Halloween weekend!

Attached below is a video montage my friend Jimmy Canali of (Ecstatic Expression) who is pictured here above (with the blue coat on the left) created as a tribute to our trip and adventure to Salem, Massachusetts for the “Haunted Happenings” New Age Festival!

Yogi & New Age Community Encounters at Nosara, Costa Rica

April 2011

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Going to this place was like stepping into the Garden of Eden!  Nosara is full of colour, vibrant wildlife, healthy food, fresh fruit falling from trees, beautiful waves to go surfing on and long beaches to walk on and friendly people from many different walks of life to talk to.  Nosara, Costa Rica has one of the largest Yoga Institutions in the world located in it’s vicinity that trains many Yoga instructors and draws many people from the New Age community to come and tap into it’s many open portals to the spiritual realms.  I had the pleasure of going in the Spring of 2011 to this tropical oasis of beauty and tranquility to engage with people on the beaches in spiritual conversation, enlightening their spirits with vibrancy and aligning their personal makeup (spirit, soul and body) with the Light.  So many people come to Nosara to get away from the craziness of life to rest and receive from the peace that the land breathes upon it’s inhabitants.  What a great place to enjoy the harmony of stillness!

One one of my most powerful cosmic selah moments I had on this trip is when I bumped into a man named Jeremy.  We both knew it was a divine connection orchestrated by the Creator.  Below is a video describing the encounter.