Linking to Friends

A links page dedicated to honouring individuals both young and old patriarchs, parents, brothers and sisters & family who have made a positive impact on who I am.  These people for many different reasons have each contributed into the framework of what I stand for in life.  Thank you everybody represented on this page for the degree you’ve sown into me as a person!  Special thanks to my friend Jimmy Canali for the many hours you spent on the phone helping me out with building this website & to my brother  Jesse Matthews for designing and providing the beautiful graphic design art for on the header on the main page & the creatively designed Encompassed by Dreams main title for this website!


Arthur Burk (Sapphire Leadership Group):


Richard Murray (The Goodness of God):

Paul Manwaring (Global Legacy)

Hugh & Ginny Cryer (Culture Changers UK):

Phil Wyman (The Gathering):


Jimmy Canali (Ecstatic Expression):


Oranj Dance & Fitness Kelowna

Angel Jutzi (Zebra Eyes)

Lucy Hazelwood (Luki Dance Productions)

Kalia.Noel (Hand Red Art)


John & Katherine Matthews (Back to Eden Group):