About Caleb

Caleb Matthews is a spiritual insurgent who will help you unravel the mysteries you are seeking answers to from his many years of rich personal experiences. He is a hybrid individual who brings peace into high stress environments, offering insight into the mystical world but also providing you with the tools to translate what you see in your dreams into your day-to-day life. Caleb stands out as a passionate pioneer who is not afraid to stand against the status quo and encourage reformers to permeate society with their unique callings and purposes.

Spirit Dreams

Starting at a very young age Caleb encountered the realm of the spirit through dreams, visions and spiritual experiences. From early childhood he learned how to understand his dreams through the ancient Hebraic pattern from the wisdom of our enlightened ancestors. During his homeschooling years of high school he maintained his practice of the art of stewarding dreams. After graduating high school he attended Streams Academy School of Dream Interpretation & Monastic Contemplation in New Hampshire, USA in 2006. Following the conclusion of his studies Caleb began sharing his insight on dream interpretation and has coached dreamers on several continents for nearly a decade.”

Caleb is excited, inspired and eager to share his knowledge and experiences through dreams with you so that you can be equipped with the tools to discover what your dreams are saying!

Business Dreams

With a hard work ethic instilled within him of fortitude, focus and determination as a young teen Caleb shared in the entrepreneurial endeavor of building a family landscaping business. In refereeing youth soccer as a certified official for the Calgary Minor Soccer Association he gained boldness and self-discipline helping to manage high conflict situations. As an accomplished public speaker in large and small groups Caleb brings confidence to all kinds of presentation settings. After a decade in the landscaping business he became an Apple Specialist with Simply Computing (Apple Inc.) before joining Pacific CoastCom (TELUS) in the wireless sales industry. Since joining TELUS Caleb has gained interpersonal teamwork and people skills that have enabled him to reach a wide range of clients. Although Caleb never attended post secondary school or attained any business degree he is currently achieving a personal dream of pursuing a business career with endless potential. Through all of his work experiences he has acquired over the years as an emerging entrepreneur Caleb is here to impart boldness and fearlessness in your career and calling.

His desire is that you will emerge as an active, successful entrepreneur fulfilling your dreams and passions.

Fitness Dreams

Over the course of Caleb’s life he has always been involved with staying fit, motivated and healthy through sports, refereeing and going to the gym on a regular basis.   As Caleb began to pursue his modeling career he realized that a culture of healthy eating and focused training was necessary to progress in the fashion industry but more importantly in life itself.   For the past several years Caleb has dedicated himself to a culture of inspired training both in the gym and in the kitchen through a balanced diet and personal trainers.

While Caleb continues to maintain his own personal fitness dreams he is passionate to translate what principles he is learning through his exercises, diet and directed rest into spiritual transformation for others.

Fashion Dreams

Throughout the times and the seasons Caleb has always been fascinated with the creative arts. He began to experiment and became involved with several creative photo shoots and runway fashion shows for charity. Recently in the last few years he discovered that the fashion industry was a significant passion of his and an integral part of his individual quest in life. Caleb fulfilled a personal dream of his when DeJavu Model Management a local modeling agency in Kelowna, BC asked him to become a fashion model.  Caleb has been involved in several test shoots with internationally renowned photographers, creative photo shoot concepts locally, tourism and business campaigns throughout the Okanagan Valley and the greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, Canada. Caleb is a 5-time participant in Vancouver Fashion Week, modeling on the runway for many international designers.

Today as Caleb is pursuing his dream of modeling in his career as a freelance model he is motivated to network with other creative and artistic minds to unravel the mysteries of their night dreams and reveal perspective on their daydreams of today.

Caleb’s mission through Encompassed By Dreams is to infuse you with clarity & confidence and to empower you with the understanding to step into the realms of dreaming both in the night and during the day.