Cathedrals, Cauldrons & Angels

Spring time is officially upon us!  Easter is here the green grass and colours of nature are starting to return to many areas of the world.  Fresh perspective is once again coming to the surface as the winter womb of preparation and inspiration gives way to the birthing of Spring.  I am excited to see what new life and fresh pathways the Spirit has for each one of us in this shift of seasons.

Intro:  Today I want to communicate something that has come directly from the spiritual realms from my dreams.   There is a unique, significant and an extraordinary creative power that is manifested when something that originated in the unseen is spoken forth.   This year I want a bountiful and large harvest so in order to reap greater pearls sometimes one must sow pearls of great price into the earth.  The following article is based off of a code I was given from spiritual beings called angels, ministering spirits sent unto those who inherit the Light (Hebrews 1:14).  To be clear this wasn’t “dreaming in my imagination” it was an actual experience I had while asleep in a “lucid dream” I began to dialogue with a mighty and majestic angel one who had the appearance of a prince with long silver/grey colored hair and shining garments.

My Blueprint:

Nearly two years ago in the Spring of 2011 I was in a dream and was flying upwards towards the clouds being caught up in the Spirit high into the heavens.  I felt like my flesh was on fire and my body was burning with an intense electricity.  Suddenly I became aware that I was not alone but was being escorted by the hand by this extraordinary spiritual being whom I knew was an angel that was sent directly from God.  Turning to the angel I asked a question “Can you tell me what I need to know right now?  What is my purpose at this time my calling?  What am I supposed to know?”  Something along those lines.  Here is the response I heard:


When I woke up I knew this response was a riddle, a divine mystery, a map with many intersecting pathways all serving the same purpose…my calling on earth from the Creator.  Over the following months and the past few years I have often pondered what the meaning of this dream is.  I am now realizing that this message wasn’t just for me…but for you.


During the Medieval time period thousands of people were unable to read and understand the Word of God for themselves since many were illiterate.  But when Cathedrals were built stain glass windows with pictures illustrating spiritual truths were created in order to help each person understand for their own benefit.  This was a great threat to many of the power hungry clergy the bishops and popes of the day who wanted to maintain control and lordship over the laity.

Why was the message so intimidating to senior leaders of the churches of that time period?

Because simple men were building monuments as a display of their desire to communicate the reality that all men are created to mirror (the windows tell stories) the nature & character of the Creator.

These tall portraits in the sky were our forefathers attempt at breaking out of cultural norms to lavishly proclaim the grandeur of the diversity of each human being and the Creator’s plans for humanity. Cathedrals meant FREE SPEECH as well as art!  This is also why in modern times to continue on trying to use an old historical renaissance and apply it to modern technology… is going backwards. We must live in our era and use what we have in hand, no matter what we are given.

Cathedrals and the colours, buildings high and tall for all to see,  actually prophesied (foretold) our day when all men would be FREE to ‘worship as they chose’.  We ought to be ourselves those building Cathedrals in the sky for men to read and see, and enjoy. As each man/women is created in the image of the Spirit, they will show their diversity,colour etc. and will stand out from the norm of the era they live in, unique. The Cathedrals broke into the timeline as an attempt to TEACH all MEN, the truth.  It actually was a motion that threatened some religious institutional power bases.

How do we apply the Cathedral principle?

2 Corinthians 3:2

“You are our letter, written in our hearts, known and read by all men.”

Be the letter free and creative illuminating the atmosphere to the culture around you.  That is what being a portable cathedral is all about!   You are the Cathedral meant to shine and reflect the glory of the Spirit to all humanity around you.

1) Be relatable to “all men” through your own personal design through various creative expressions. 

2) Whatever your “cathedral” looks like ensure that it has movement and is not stiff or stationary.   

3) Point to the reality that all men should be given a level playing field to understand truth.  


Have you ever seen some of the Wild Western movies?   Bandits and heroes alike gather around blazing camp fires on the wild frontiers cooking up meals to keep themselves strong for their respective journeys.  Over their fire pits they have large bowls or cauldrons as they are called.  These deep bowls not only hold food but are metaphors and illustrations of things that carry and hold thoughts both dark and deep.  Cauldrons are a communal gathering place to add to the cooking broth and then to eat from the same pot.  Covenants are made around cauldrons such as what conversational topics are explored and what agreements are made.  A stew is known as many many different ingredients that often make up what is thrown into a cauldron.  Stews are made and added to continually but come of the OLD food (thoughts) are the foundation and never leave the pot.

Cauldron can also be formed by two seperate words.  The words “call” and “drone” are in “Cauldron”. There is even a riddle that can be formed from the word like this: “Calling to be a drone.”  In horticultural terms a drone is: A sexual partner to the Queen bee, which is the ruling power.  The drone leads all the other clones who serve her kingdom, in other words to sell oneself to the reigning entities that own the powers of the mist coming from the pot, the Queen lives in that haze.  She can only be empowered by the covenant eaters of her cauldron those who follow the crowd and embrace the calling of a drone a “cauldron”.

“The time when most of you should withdraw into yourself is when you are forced to be in a crowd.”

– Epicurus

Once again we are talking about operating from design in the way that the Creator made you and I. Not all examples of following the majority in partaking of a certain belief system like one would take food are necessarily bad but that being said often times we are challenged by life to blaze a trail of discovery by ourselves.  There comes unique moments in life where we are called upon to draw from within our spirit the strength to stand against the majority and against the norm.  In speaking of the Great Spirit it says this:

Ephesians 3:16 

“…out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being.”

The Cauldron is like a place you are “called to draw” upon your design from within.

A healthy example of following others would be when you commune and eat from the same hot pot where people who value one another equally have gathered to live life together.  This a place where people not only eat from the same spot…but they are each given a chance to play their part in their “calling in drawing”… from the pot. There is lots for everyone, because they are living in community. BUT still letting others dip in to the portion they see in that group of people/ the pot/ the ‘cal-  drawn’.

What can we learn and apply to our lives from “Cauldron”?

1) Resist being “called as a drone” and following the majority when it comes to unhealthy mindsets, belief systems and practices.

2) Turn towards your “inner man” that is your spirit and draw from within the beauty of your design the creative way you were created to function on this earth by God.

3) Gather around others who value community, each person’s humanity and places were people are each given a voice to share what they have with one another.


To put it quite simply we are put on this earth for a time to be born, a time to live and a time to pass on to the next life.  In this epic adventure of life there are instances when we in our own human strength cannot possibly achieve what is expected of us in those moments of testing.   Since the foundation of the world the human race has explored the possibility and the notion of a spiritual world a realm outside ours yet superior to the natural dimension we inhabit.  In moments of peril, joy, death, gladness etc people have often attributed guardian angels as heavenly correspondents to each of these specific categories I just listed.   In the Hebrew culture angels were seen as having a significant role in regards to interacting with and assisting humanity.   I will leave you with these passage from the book of Pslams & Hebrews describing angels, their function and how they are to assist us in our destiny.

Hebrews 1:14

“Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit the truth?”

Psalms 104:4

“He makes winds his messengers, flames of fire his servants.”

Lesson about Angels?

Pursue the truth as to why you are here on planet earth and what you are to do to make the world around you a better place.   The result is you will have angelic escorts!  Gale winds shall be your messengers and many flaming infernos to serve you in your cause!

“Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs.”

– Saint Frances de Sales

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