The “E-Knock Walk”

“2013 Exhortation” 

We as human beings were created to live in harmony, earth was meant to be a garden of delight and we were created to walk in total freedom and harmony with the great Spirit.  There is no greater high, no superior rush or epic surge of energy that can surpass the feeling you experience when your heart intertwines with another on a deep level of connection.  Whether through brotherhood, sisterhood, comradery, deep friendship, with your significant other, spouse, role model or connection to your spirituality our hearts were made to cross over into other dimensions of reality.  Our heart, soul and body were created to walk in the eye of eternity.  It is this topic of walking that I want to address:

“The E-Knock Walk” 

So let us delve into the lives of one of the most extraordinary individuals in my strong opinion to ever have walked the planet with an epic and incredible true story.

The name?  Enoch.

The time period?  Thousands of years ago while the earth was still termed “The Ancient World”.

Genesis 5:24 “Now Enoch communed with God and then he was there no more, because God had taken him.”

There are many names that have been given to Enoch over the centuries like immortal, mystic, pioneer, monk, prophet, patriarch, friend of the Creator.  All of these are legitimate characteristics to give to this individual since Enoch did not taste death but was taken from the earth due to his committed monastic and mystical walk that he had with the Spirit.  However deep within the name of this ecstatic explorer lies a hidden secret to his walk and what made it so unique and special.  “Follow the clues Watson!”  As the beloved detective Sherlock Holmes so eloquently puts it.

We shall start with the term I believe is inside Enoch’s name which is “E-Knock”.  I ask myself the question what does the “E” stand for and what does the “Knock” refer to?  Then I realized that E given the context of the life of Enoch stands of eternity and knock would be referring to knocking on eternity.  From there a song comes into my mind that is far before my time.  Many of you may recognize it….

Bob Dylan “Knock, Knock, Knocking on Heaven’s Door.”

In summary the song was originally written about a deputy sheriff who’s time on earth was soon to expire as the gun fight with his adversaries came to it’s climatic ending.  While most of us aren’t exposed to the harsh conditions of the Wild West and gunfights on the streets of Dodge anymore depending on where we live in theory each of our lives are a ticking time bomb with an allotted portion of time given.  While we are supposed to enjoy every moment of this wonderful life we are given we also like a stage choreographer must currently make preparations in our hearts to set the stage of our future.

Sandy Hook Elementary, The Dark Knight Rises Movie Theatre in Aurora and other recent shocking events in North America have caused many to ask questions and lean closer to pursuing the age old question that humanity has asked since the beginning of the universe.  “Why am I here?  What is my purpose?”  US President Barack Obama put this exact phrase so eloquently in his speech at the interfaith vigil meeting December 2012 in Connecticut last month.

Because the weightiness of these questions are so important I want to ask them to you again.

Why are you here?  What is your purpose?

“Knocking & Walking”

One must reach the stage of knocking before one can go walking through doors of opportunity.  There are three stages of pursuing and receiving spiritual sustinance.  Enoch understood this principle well in his day as his desire and hunger for truth propelled him far ahead of his peers in his day.  The Hebraic culture of the New Testament knew these truths to be self-evident as well.  Let us look at a portion in the holy ancient scriptures written by the author Matthew concerning the Jewish rabbi and teacher Jesus.  Jesus is sharing a parable that has hidden truth inside a small phrase that is loaded with spirituality and inspirational possibilities.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask and you will given, seek and you will find, KNOCK and the door will be opened to you.”

Most people only get beyond stage one or stage two.  Asking and seeking and in turn being given and finding.  These first two areas speak of transfer of ownership meaning that the area in which they were pursuing is really on partially theirs as they did not originally break the door down so to speak.

Asking speaks of the first level of ownership being given from somebody else’s work.

Seeking are those who do not have but are looking for where the source of the resources are.

Knocking, the final stage illustrates those who not only actively are pursuing the source and to find something that they do not have…but it speaks of gaining a door of access that once stepped into will be their forever.

The reality is many humans are followers and would prefer to live their lives through gurus, idols, heroes and soap opera lifestyles rather than having the courage to pioneer themselves.  Hence, why many people do not make it past phase 1, those that do are in phase 2 searching and seeking for their connection to this life.  Few of us are willing to pay the price of commitment and process for phase 3.

I will come out and say it on this article if it hasn’t been made clear in my previous ones.  I am an enemy of religion, empireism, neroism that is rampant throughout the world but especially North America.   It deeply bothers me and angers me that many people even some that are close friends would rather be content gawking blindly at quotes and status updates from leaders in their respective spheres of influence who live a Kardashian lifestyle who fail to walk out their teaching and actually stand apart like Enoch did and resist the corruption of the day.  Eventually there comes a time when one must choose a certain side.  And no standing apart does not mean preaching about it on Facebook, writing books, offering discourses about it or running supernatural schools where thousands come to you every year and you say you are radical but then in life you eat from the table of that which you say you are resisting.  This is insanity and double mindedness.

Take the E-Knock Walk…live for eternity, commit to knock, wait for that door to open and walk it out.  I will leave us with the brilliant words of Tony Robbins.

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece.  I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.”

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