Thin Places

Climbing & Ascending

There are many highs that some people reach in life.  Perhaps reaching the snowy mountain peaks of Mount Everest?  Hitting perfectly a high pitched note on a classic song?   Accomplishing an incredible goal that you couldn’t have possibly imagined reaching before?   Getting that prime position you’ve been working towards your whole career?  Or perhaps getting lost in an ocean of musicality through a dance routine?

Whatever the situation we were born to ascend and have each been given specific tools to reach the heights of success.   Most people have been blessed with the gifts of hands, feet, and a mind that is equipped for most circumstances life throws at us.  But some don’t have those same luxuries others do.  So what can one do who is disabled in an area of life?  Well one can still use what they have.   If that means grooving by raising your eyebrows as an invalid in a wheelchair then do so!   If it means singing “Oh Canada.” off pitch because your heart is there even though your voice isn’t then do so!  Perhaps you have no parents and you grew up having to fight for every inch, well go out into the world and be the best mom or dad you can be!   Kick the orphan spirit in the arse by being a laser of love that penetrates even the most impossible ground, the hardest and coldest hearts.

Each of us were born to catch universal updrafts, moments in time that define us that unravel a little bit more of our own personal scroll.   Within the human spirit a capacity was instilled by the Great Spirit, a desire to ascribe to ascend beyond our mountaintop experience and into lands far beyond our wildest dreams!!!!

Do you believe your life means more than just existing to fill an empty space or do you believe you were meant to abide in a thin place?

What do I mean by this statement?  Well there is a specific verse in a very mystical book called the Book of Psalms a famous piece of literature that is over 3,000 years old that captures the essence of what I am conveying to you.

Psalm 68:32 

“Sing and ascribe…sing to the VOICE all you kingdoms of the earth….ascribe allegiance to the Ancient One who rides on the “heaven of heavens”…His strength is “in the clouds”.  

Breathe in the atmosphere of this verse, let in pour into your spirit as we take the next step in asking the question of the day:

What is a thin place?

For thousands of years priests, monks, mystics and spiritual pilgrims have used this term to describe settings that are literally windows into eternity, pathways of peace, highways of holiness, access to perspective and understanding as to what the callings and purposes of life are for a person.  Ultimately thin places were and are places that individuals with an appetite for adventure sought after to find the answers to their questions as to why they were alive and what they were born to do!

We can find a prime example of this by looking at the life message of a noteworthy man in the history books called Galileo Galilei.   He is considered the father of modern science and one of the key players in the Scientific Revolution who made his mark between the late 1500’s and early 1600’s.   In summary Galileo believed that all planets revolved around the sun contrary to the viewpoint the majority of the day held which believed the sun revolved around the planets.  Galileo’s stance cost him a lifetime of perescution, many enemies and the label of being called a heretic and a crazy man who’s head was in the clouds somewhere else.  But hundreds of years later we know who’s belief system has endured and remains intact as a part of modern science…it’s no contest.

What price are you willing to pay to ascend, climb and obtain access to a thin place? 

Finding Strength in the Clouds

A scholar and prophet named Habbakuk of the Hebraic lineage thousands of years ago wrote a passage that is another strong illustration of our topic of thin places:

Habbakuk 3:4

“El Ohim (The Ancient One’s) radiance is like the sunlight, He has rays flashing from His hand, and there is the hiding of His power.”  

Far above the pillowy majestic sequence of the clouds we look at almost every day is a strength, a spiritual knowing, a power, a hand, some call guardian angels others a peace and many define as a purpose that keeps them going every day watches over every one of us.

Friends getting to share life with people like you is one of the things that gets me up every morning to run after my purpose and calling with a passion.  Amelia Earhart the aviator flew solo across the Atlantic and broke many aviation records faced with obstacles of discrimination, doubt and negativity from her adversaries yet she triumphed because her strength was in the clouds and she reached thin places!   You too can soar solo in whatever your passion in life is!  Don’t let the doubters and critics define who you are!

Look to the clouds, get lost in the music and fit your life into “thin places”!

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