“Banking on Intercourse”

My hope and desire is that these words of inspiration may spring up in your heart and enlighten you to ascend to new levels of greatness in your own personal calling in life.  All of us are looking for that resting place of confidence, security and peace knowing we are walking in what we were designed to do on this earth.  Also as fellow pilgrims and adventurers in this life we are each searching for where the power source of our existence comes from.

What is the energy force that gets us up in the morning?  

What legacy are you wanting to imprint upon this earth? 

What makes you come alive?  

In the ancient supernatural codebook called the Bible we find in Hebrews 11 an individual named Abraham one of the most well known characters in history.  Even today Christians, Muslims, & Jews each agree on this one thing that Abraham was an integral individual who walked in and accessed many divine blueprints that came from heaven from the Creator.   Since the majority of the world’s population holds Abraham’s personal testimony and story into such high regard we are going to explore the portion in Hebrews 11:10 that describes his quest in life as a reference for what I am speaking on today.

Hebrews 11:10

“For he was looking for a city who’s builder and architect was the Creator.”  

In essence Abraham was a man who was looking beyond this lifetime in finding his purpose and meaning for doing what he did on the earth.  While Abraham lived in the present and embraced the process of life he also planned ahead with the glories of his future habitation in mind.   He had an intercourse with the Spirit, a connection with the Creator, a companionship with Divine Light itself.  I will explain what I mean by the term “intercourse” in a minute because it is used so narrow mindedly in our culture today.  Most people think of sexual union when they think of intercourse and most people get caught up in their hormones even uttering and meditating on this word.  But I want to propose a different perspective on the term “intercourse” and merge it with the illustration of banking transactions while making a strong point for what healthy friendships and relationships look like both with people and with our spirituality.

1) Taking Our “Spirit man” to the Bank

Before we can be effective in operating on the “banking floor” and participate in interactions with our fellow brothas and sistas we must be ever eager to learn, grow in and excel in our own spiritual journey.  What does that look like?  How do we know we are going on the right path when there are so many paths claiming to be the right way to true spirituality?   Let’s look at a fascinating book called Numbers in which there is a story of a man called Baalam who is gobsmacked, totally amazed by his encounter with who he describes as “The Almighty”.

Numbers 24:4  

“the oracle of one who hears the words of God, who sees a vision from the Almighty, who falls prostate, and whose eyes are opened.”

Here are some keys to look at in the progression of Baalam’s discovery and connection with the Divine:  First he hearssecondly he seesthirdly in turn he is taken off his feet andlastly his eyes are opened.  What a legitimate encounter between your Spirit and the “Almighty” looks like is when you hear something so extraordinary it is outside human possibility, you see it with your own eyes, it blows you away so much so you have to stop to catch your breath until finally you encounter something in the realm of the spirit that litearlly opens your eyes to walk differently in life.   This my friends is true spirituality at it’s finest form.  No gimmicks, no legalism, no agenda only pure manifested glories that are outside of this world that want to encounter you as an individual person.   This is a bank you want to do business at friend…where there is input and output in the realm of the spirit.

How do you know if your spirit is going down the right path? 

Answer: A good way to confirm this is to continue to interact with “The Spirit of Life.”  If your lifestyle of spirituality isn’t working for you and bringing life to you, peace to you and making others around you shine then pursue the Spirit that gives life.

2) Healthy Banking With One Another

Now I have come to my final point I have been waiting to get to this whole article.   It is exploring this concept of the “intercourse of banking” in our personal relationships.   Each one of us know what it is like to deposit a cheque into the bank and we know the procedures on how to withdraw cash from our local bank as this is a regular thing we do in each of our personal lives.  It is the exact same concept in friendships and relationships.  A steady strong connection to another individual through friendship follows the exact same principles as a bank account depositing time, energy and commitment to the other person and allowing that to gain interest, also withdrawing from time to time and placing a desire on receiving from your friend.  This folks in it’s proper balance is healthy when it becomes unhealthy is when one or the other is over emphasized.

How do we detect the signs of an unbalanced relationship?

Answer: Look in your own personal account and ask yourself what is the balance with that person?  How much have they inputed and how much have I outputted to them?   Are there signs of you or the other placing a demand on a certain level of friendship when there hasn’t been a personal investment first?  BY PERSONAL INVESTMENT I MEAN the person actually making the effort to contact you personally and speak to you, not just pretend to be involved in your life from a distance through things like social networking and internet means.

What does a healthy connection look like to your friend?  

Answer: When there is a flowing stream of life between you and your friend and not a swamp where it is all one-way street straight down to the bog.   A flow of resources back and forth where you are supporting their dreams, passions and are they supporting you in yours!  A healthy connection looks like when your friend will openly celebrate you and push you forward without any expectation of getting something back, yet something ignites in your spirit that longs to do the same for them to “one up them” so to speak and surprise the socks of your pal!

In closing let us look at a wise saying that truly embodies what family looks like amongst people!

Proverbs 17:7

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

In a nutshell folks what it looks like to be “Banking on Intercourse” is when individuals like the ones described above decide they will love, fight, mourn, celebrate, walk with and push you forward to become all that you were made to be in this world.

I’m off to the “Intercourse Bank” who’s with me?  😉

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