The El Roi Code


I want to shift into a mystical and revelatory gear today since it has been on my heart a lot over the past month in building my website.  Many of you may of heard the story behind  “The Da Vinci Code” which at it’s roots is very anti-Creator and against the theology of a Master artist being behind this grand global tapestry on which we are living ink.  But I want to propose to you a code of the ancients that has been orbital even before the existence of humanity that speaks of a grand Master that is intimately involved in our everyday lives.

Looking Through The Lenses of the Divine

El-RoiMeans “God Who Sees Me” according to the well known ancient manuscripts and account of Abraham’s family line in Genesis 16:13.

In this particular passage in Genesis 16, Hagar who is Abraham & Sarah’s maidservant is running away from her master Sarah because of being ill-treated due to Sarah’s jealousy of Sarah’s son Ishmael.  Hagar reaches her spiritual, emotional and physical limit in the wilderness running away with her son when the Spirit intervenes and speaks to her.  In this spiritual collision between the cosmic and natural realm the Creator reveals himself to Hagar as El-Roi “God Who Sees Me.

What follows in Hagar’s story should be an encouragement to every single one of us.  Let us look at the facts first that are presented in her life for a minute according to this ancient biblical account in Genesis 16.

Hagar is a foreigner, a maidservant to Sarah or to use the proper term a slave with no legitimacy or intimacy rights, she is forced to have relations with Abraham in order to conceive a son (because Sarah is barren and wants one for herself) without a choice in the matter and when she finally does Hagar is persecuted and forced out along with her son Ishmael into the wilderness with no support to help them in their journey.  However through it all and against all odds the Master Architect of the cosmos, the “good and perfect gift from above” the Father of Lights encounters Hagar and reveals himself to her in parable like code as El-Roi and to give it my translation as “The Seeing One”.  What follows is a declaration and prophecy from the realm of the spirit from El-Roi towards Hagar declaring that her and her seed Ishmael shall be a great nation and have a purpose to fulfill.  What an encouraging thought!  Through difficult and very turbulent times in our lives when we have reached the desert place in our personal existence that is where the realm of the spirit is more clear and open in our lives.  Often time it takes separation away from our day to day busy lives into a place of silence, meditation and peace in order for us to hear what the Spirit is saying to us from above.  A wise spiritual teacher I once heard said “peace is the potting soil for revelation.”  and what a true insight this is!

Cracking the Code

Each one of us has a key role in this existence we call life and every single person on the planet has a calling and a purpose to fulfill while here on the earth.  Have you ever sat back and thought about it for more than a mere moment how odd and peculiar being alive and being a living breathing human being actually is?   Movies like the Truman Show & The Matrix come to mind.  In the Truman Show the main character played by Jim Carey is born into a world that isn’t real compared to the one outside the bubble he lives in.  At first he goes along with the motions of life and the same old procedures.   However eventually he suspects something is happening beyond his world and he begins a quest of exploration to get in touch with an atmosphere that is outside his own “limited box” life.  In the Matrix the main hero of the film Neo realizes that everything he has lived before he takes the red pill has been a fantasy and an illusion.  The truth is that the earth he lives in is actually clothed with another realm that is superior called the Matrix which is a world made up of code that to most people is foreign language…but to Neo as time progresses this code becomes his reality as it is encompasses the whole truth about the real world.  Let us observe a wonderful quote from an ancient codebook in it’s own right from the bible:

2 Corinthians 4:18 “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

With that being said I want to ask you a question.  How much time are you spending focusing on temporary things as opposed to things that will last beyond your lifetime?  While it is good to enjoy what we have been given here in this life it is also important to build from the balcony of the future with the courtyard of the present in mind.

What foundations do you want to leave as a mark on the earth?  

What legacy do you want to outlive you long after your natural body has passed on to the unseen world?  

If you make this your goal to discover what that is and to unravel that passion for others to see in the world around you then that is a good target for life!   By walking this out and doing it you will have cracked your own personal code!

Receiving & Protecting “The Code”

All of us who did our History lessons during high school will remember seeing in our textbooks the famous photographs of the group of American soldiers raising the US flag over the island of Iwo Jima in 1945 signifying the American conquest against the Japanese in the Pacific during WWII.  In fact some of you reading this may remember that actual day as if it were yesterday.  What many of you probably don’t know is the incredible true story of the Navajo Indians who played a key role in this victory for the United States.  Here is the situation, the United States were in serious trouble and disarray after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  The Japanese held the upper hand in the Pacific.  Soldiers of the Japanese army were expert spies and impersonators that could speak English fluently, studied in American schools and wore rings from high schools and colleges and constantly were frequently intercepting the  military codes the US army were trying to communicate to their troops on the frontlines of battle.  Not until Iwo Jima did the tide of the war in the Pacific shift to the Americans favor.  This was largely because of the unsung heroes of Iwo Jima the Navajo Indians.   The Navajos were employed into the US army as “code-talkers” from the deserts of Arizona and only a select few of them could speak and communicate in this unwritten and extremely difficult language.  They played a vital role in helping the Americans seize Iwo Jima from the Japanese.  Throughout the remainder of the war the Navajo Code would never be broken by the enemy!

In the Movie “Windtalkers” Sergeant Joe Enders is given the task of protecting Ben Yahzee a Navajo Indian who is a codetalker during the battle of Iwo Jima.  His instructions are to “protect the code” at all costs.  For if the Navajo codetalkers were captured by the Japanese they could be tortured until they revealed vital information on how to break the Navajo code.

I use these examples to make this point.  In each one of our lives is an El-Roi code that has been written on us.

2 Corinthians 3:2 “You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts known and read by everybody.”

If one could sum up the goal of every human being on the earth it is to discover the mystery and the wonder behind their own personal code that they were created to walk in, then find the source of where, who and what inspiration gave them that code and finally to bring others into the light of understanding their own code as well.

In essence life is about looking through the lenses of the divine, cracking the code, receiving and protecting the code and then sharing it.  Ultimately we must ask ourselves this question where is the code transmitter located and who is

El-Roi: “The Spirit Who Sees Us”?

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